To me, the core of good, successful individual therapy is a solid, trusting, therapeutic relationship within which we can explore the reasons the person has sought therapy.  It is not my job to give advice; rather, my role is to accompany the individual on their journey of self-discovery; ​sharing my perceptions and reactions as we explore the issues at hand. Through this process, we work to reduce pain and fear, move toward deeper understanding and acceptance, and attempt to reveal ways in which the person might make adjustments that will allow them to more fully live.

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Nearly everyone has a time in his or her life when speaking with a skilled mental health professional could b​e helpful. People often view therapy as treatment only for those with mental health diagnoses (such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, personality disorders, etc). I certainly enjoy my work with people who have been diagnosed with these illnesses and have oftentimes been able to help them significantly with their difficulties. However, I also work with many people who are struggling with relationship challenges, life transitions, grief or other types of loss. Some people work with me to overcome the emotional impact of difficult childhood experiences, trauma of any sort, or other forms of abuse. Still others come to me to improve their communication skills or learn new ways of relating to others. Others seek to discover ways to understand and accept themselves and let go of longstanding patterns of behavior or misconceptions that have caused them chronic emotional pain and/or have held them back from reaching their full potential personally and professionally.



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C. Christine Thomas, PhD​

Individual & couples therapy

Who can benefit from therapy?

I greatly enjoy working with couples of all types in an effort to assist them in building strong, mutually rewarding relationships.  My approach is to treat the relationship as my client (rather than the two individuals involved) and to respect that there are many ways in which couples have rewarding relationships. We work, often with humor, to improve communication, increase partner's understanding of each other, clarify patterns of interactions, make expectations clear and develop respectful ways in which to deal with conflict.

Life changes can create difficulties even when those changes are positive ones (e.g, marriage, birth of a child, new job or promotion). Adjusting to the new situation can challenge one's view of self and reveal areas for growth that had not been apparent prior to the transition. I have had the honor of working with people through many life transitions, including those of grief and loss (e.g., death of a loved one, divorce). It is a privilege to walk with someone through the incredible vulnerability of such loss. I feel honored to have been able to help people feel less alone in their grief.

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